Down Syndrome Superhero!

A competition to create jobs for people with disabilities
Compete to support a person with a disability by taking on a nearly impossible entrepreneurial challenge!

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Pilot episode of a 30 episode streaming series

A team is shown competing during the pilot episode of the TV series called the Tropical Adventure Competition. This episode featured Cameron Kindree, (2nd from left).who is the superhero of the team. Cameron used his Down Syndrome Superpowers to learn how to scuba dive and earn $3,000 for his pack of disabled scouts.

Your challenge has two parts.  Local support for your hero and an adventure competition.

For the first part of your challenge you compete with a team to create a job or business for a person with a disability.  For the second part of your challenge you create the most exciting respite adventure you can.

30 teams will produce a 22 minute video episode that tells their story.  The five best stories go to the playoffs and then one Grand Prize Winner is chosen.

All teams have the goal of using broadcasting revenue, advertising and marketing to generate revenue for their superhero and to pay for their expenses.


This website is based on the true story and book  “The Ability Revolution.”  An aquatic center provides employment, housing, job training and a great quality of life for disabled populations.  Snorkeling, scuba, sailing and other adventure activities are marketed with a tropical adventure competition that creates a 30 episode TV series and a reason for people to train at the aquatic center.

Cameron goes on his first scuba dive in the British Virgin Islands!

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