To Enter – Sign into this website here and then follow the instructions here.

There are two parts to each team.

  1. Passengers, Superheroes and the community – Must be able to safely adventure for the conditions if they travel with us.  Anyone from the community may help the teams.
  2. Adventurers and Crew – Must pass fitness, medical standards and may need professional qualifications e.g. USCG Master, lifeguard, cinematographer, divemaster, marine biologist

Each Team Needs:

A Superhero The superhero does not have to be a person or travel with you.  You can have an environmental cause as your superhero, animal rescue, and up to three teams may submit fun ideas such as raising money for an art project, parade float, or any fun purpose.

(If qualified, one person can fill all or any of the required positions.  Teams have a usual maximum of 8 people, but up to 10 can be considered.)

A USCG Master (or one will be provided)

A Divemaster (or one will be provided)

A Lifeguard/Medic (or one will be provided)

A Team Leader – Takes care of any or all of the details for everyone.  They are responsible for the team.

A Production Manager – Responsible for producing the video for the episode and can enlist any or as much help as they need.  They can also be the team leader.

A bunk list The cabins have two people sharing a bed.  The team leader must submit a bunk list. 

A strategy for the competition and the episode. 

When you enter this website you will see more detail.  The Tropical Adventure Competition is based on the book called “The Ability Revolution”.

This book contains all the rules and describes the larger project including video scripts.  Here is a free download.

You can also buy it on Amazon. Here.

Caution it is a business plan and rule book.  It may put you to sleep!