Basic Instructions

After you register, at the top of your screen you will see a black admin bar.  If you click the site title at the top left of your screen you will go back and forth from your dashboard to the home screen.  On the home screen two new menus appear if you are logged in.  They are navigation pages called My Account and Index. Index will give competition updates and the links will change as the competition progresses. My account will give you a variety of account options.

On the top right of your black admin bar is your name and there is a pull down menu there.  The settings there will allow you to develop your competition profile to improve your chances of being picked for a team. The more interesting your profile is and the more posts you create in the forums will make you stand out as a competitor.

You should always be able to find a “home” button to navigate to other pages.

The very first thing that you should do is join the group called “Lobby”. The lobby is where you can find people to form teams, be invited to activities see and post help wanted activities. You will see a listing of all the members in the group description. The lobby contains everyone even people not competing.

If you want to compete on the tropical adventure portion of the competition you should also join the group called competitors. You should use the forums to form or join a team as soon as you can as the league will form on a first come basis.

Inside the groups is a forum where you can find more information, post questions and find answers.  You will also see a chat function and other features. You should friend as many people as possible and accept friend requests from as many people as possible to improve your chances at forming or being accepted into a team.


Please login to Camerons youtube channel.

The competition will begin broadcasting on this channel. Monetization from this channel will be split equally with all 30 teams. You should share this channel to help make the competition a success.

A minimum of 1,000 subscribers is needed to begin the monetization process.

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