30 teams.  Up to 10 people on each team will travel to a tropical location.  The team may have hundreds of people supporting it doing editing, writing, advising and much more or be just the people that travel.  How many people the team has is up to the Team leader. A different team and episode each week for 30 weeks.  Five playoff weeks and one grand prize week.


The purpose is to think of ways to create employment for special populations.  Teams come up with a product or service and develop it so that it benefits the superhero.  They may have sponsors but can not take donations.  They could do product placement, wear logos, create commercials or have plot twists that advertise for their sponsors.  They can sell T-shirts, signatures, honorable mentions and be as creative as they want.


You love the superhero that is the best part of your life.


The first year we will start in the US Virgin Islands.  We will go to a different location each year that could be micronesia, Greece, Austrailia or any destination that we choose.


The fall of 2019 is when we will start producing the weekly episodes and the winter of 2020 is when we will start airing them.


Sign into this website.  Go to the “Qualify & Enter” page and download the book for complete information.  Each team has a whole year to come up with an exciting episode or you can use the template found in the book.  30 teams should be able to produce a very entertaining series for a great cause.  With a great series comes lots of viewers.  Lots of viewers means that each team will have a better chance of success at marketing their business and they will receive more broadcast revenue. Teams should use our web traffic to link back to the business that supports their superhero to help make it successful

We are on an honor system for the money you say you raised.  We do not collect it or process it like gofundme or other sites.  Your business collects your money.  We simply need you to make a  “symbolic fun” check that shows how successful you were.  You can present a big check underwater like we did, put a check on a T-shirt, balloon or icing on a cake or do whatever is fun.

Here is a brief clip from the pilot episode.  In this clip the hero business is an aquatic center that trains people how to scuba dive and sail.  The aquatic center employs disabled adults to manage it.  If your team is from a scuba or sailing club, you could train people and then put that money towards your hero.  You could create a lawn care business, dog walking business or anything for your hero.