What is the Tropical Adventure Competition?

30 teams support their special needs superhero and make a 22 minute video episode showing what they have done for their superhero.  Each week a different episode is broadcast, 5 teams are in the play offs and 1 Grand Prize winner is selected.

Do I have to read all of this or the book?

No.  Just login and answer a few questions and you are done. The only people that need to know how this competition works are the 30 Team Leaders.   Team leaders pick their teams from people who login and then give them direction.

The information presented here and in the book is available to anyone so that they can help their team.

What revenue will this series produce for my superhero and team?

There are two sources of revenue for your superhero and your team.  The revenue your superhero gets from the job or business you create for them and the revenue from web or network broadcast revenue.

First, you are in direct control of how well your superhero does at the business you create for them, so that is up to you.  Second, each team has a tremendous effect on the revenue produced for their episode and the success of the series.  You can find your own sponsors to advertise on your episode, for product placement, displaying logos, commercials and you can make your episode exciting so that people watch it to increase web or broadcast revenue.  50 percent of the yearly broadcast revenue is divided between all of the superheros and the other 50% supports the disabled adults working, living and learning at the Marc Alan Lee Aquatic Center.

What is the storyline of this 30 episode docu-series?

Each episode shows how a team tries to rescue their superhero and then celebrates their success.  Typically each team creates a small business such as landscaping, dog walking or bicycle repair and they the train their superhero to work in that business or independently.  Some teams will simply improve the quality of life for their superhero if the superhero is unable to work.  Each 22 minute episode starts with footage shot locally of the team and the superhero and ends with footage shot tropically.  Local footage shows the efforts of the whole team and the tropical footage shows 6 to 10 people celebrating during the Tropical Adventure Competition.  Each week a new superhero, team and strategy is explored.

The composition of the teams and the strategy they use to rescue their superhero will engage viewers every week due to the wide variety of personalities, strategies, successes, failures and obstacles that the team and superhero has to overcome.

The composition of the teams will be from families, businesses, neighbors, organizations and other groups in the community.  During the local footage, teams will meet and help each other and this will show a strong community connection of teams helping each other to compete.  Although the Tropical Adventure Competition will produce a final winner, everyone is competing with each other for a common good.

The most striking effect of this true life docu-series is that it will show a community all working together very altruistically to improve the quality of life for special populations.

We will shoot and narrate this series to show a very connected, warm and friendly community that will be the envy of other communities.

What kind of variety will this series have?

30 different teams with different kinds of superheroes, causes and 30 ways to tell their stories.  Although people with special needs are featured, we are hoping a few teams will pick environmental, wildlife other important issues to be the superheroes for some of the teams.  Some teams may tell their stories with comedy by pretending they are the Simpson characters or pirates or include some other unusual theme or cast of characters.

Why do you shoot in the tropics and celebrate there?

Two reasons.  The first is that a tropical adventure creates a reason for people to train in swimming, scuba and sailing at the Marc Alan Aquatic Center.  This employs the disabled adults working there.  The second is, when have you ever seen a person with a disability, on medicaid going on an exotic tropical vacation?  There are a lot of families that sacrifice everything for their special needs superhero and this little bit of respite time can make a big difference.

What is the Team Leader?

The Team Leader receives all of the money and manages the team.  The Team Leader decides how much money the superhero can receive so that they do not lose health insurance or benefits through Medicaid.  The Team Leader decides on the strategy for the competition and who will manage video production and crew positions.

How do I become a hero, team member or sponsor of this docu-series?

You login to this website and fill out a short questionnaire.  There is a checklist and anytime you need help we will phone or email you and help you.

There are actions that increase your chances of being considered for a team such as completing your qualifications and registration.  People are considered for teams in chronological order according to what they have completed on their checklist.   What you do on your profile to stand out from everyone else is up to you.

Can employees from a business form a team?

Yes.  Advertising, branding, marketing, team building, and tax advantages are just some of the benefits for a business forming a team.  This is a very real and unique team building event that can bond and inspire employees as they work to create solutions for special populations within their business.

Think of the improvement to existing employee morale or the effect on new employees when during their company orientation they see how your business produces results for superheros related to employees.

Can footage from our episode be used for advertising and marketing?

Yes.  You have unlimited use of your episode and the footage released for it.  You have permission to air your episode in the customer lounge of your business, on your web site or use parts of it in your commercials or advertising.  You should also think about the placement of your logo on T-shirts, coffee cups, hats and other places during the shooting of your episode.

The local portion of your episode can occur anywhere and this includes at your business.  This has a very strong impact for the public on the branding of your image who view the great things your business does.

This altruistic team effort on display should develop customer loyalty and trust.

What are my expenses?

Everyone pays for their own travel, food and expenses in year 1 and by year 3 your hero business should be going strong enough to pay for all of your expenses or you are disqualified.  Your team has to start again, but at the end of line for teams wanting to sign up.  The expenses start low and then go high based on when you qualify.

Qualified Competitors Year 1

Reduced Cost – $150 / day (7 days), per person, double occupancy. First 10 teams  (100 people)

Normal Cost – $275 / day (7 days), per person, double occupancy. Next 10 teams (100 people)

Highest Cost – The remaining competitor spots are auctioned. 


$475 / day (7 days), per person, double occupancy – very limited availability and this is decided after all teams have qualified

Competitors pay a $50 registration fee and a $75 fitness, safety and crew evaluation fee.

Your team must also raise the par amount for your hero!   You do not pay this to us.  You pay it to your hero.  You show us a symbolic check with your team and the hero to complete this. (read about Par below)

How do we know that the teams get our money and not someone else when we buy, sponsor or support them?

Each Team Leader chooses how their business gets paid. We suggest a service such as Zelle that many banks use.  The team can simply list their email address or mobile phone number on the team page and you connect with them directly.  There are no charges for using Zelle.  The team can also use services such as paypal that charge fees.  How each team sets up their business, is up to them.

Once again, you do not send money to us, you send it directly to the team you choose.

How do I get paid to be a team member?

This is your goal!  To be paid to raise money for your superhero, enjoy a week of tropical adventure and be good at it.  You start by raising Par for your hero.  Once Par has been raised for your hero, for every $100 of business expenses, your hero must be paid an additional $50 bonus.  (If you pay for your own food, airfare and expenses you do not have to pay the bonus.)  This bonus is for any business expenses such as utilities, travel, f equipment, wages and all business expenses.  If a  team member is paid $100 your hero would get a $50 bonus listed on the books and paid when your business can afford it .  Your Team Leader manages all of your business income and expenses and decides all pay issues.  We have nothing to do with it.  We take your word for it when you submit your competition results.

Think of the hero as the CEO and they deserve a very high salary.  The 50% bonus goes on the books until the team decides when they can pay the bonus so that they can manage their cash flow.

How much money does this web site keep when I support a team?

ZERO.  When you find a team that you want to support, you follow the link to that team and buy products, services or advertising directly from them.  They manage their own finances, strategy and all aspects of their business that supports their hero.

How does this web site earn money?

If you read the free download of our book  you will get a complete answer.  We are the Home Team.  We host the other 29 teams and this gives us home field advantage for sales, web traffic, advertising and much more.

We take in registration and qualification fees as well as manage the Marc Alan Lee Aquatic Center that trains competitors.

What can our team win?

Each team creates the best one week adventure that they can.  The best adventures go to support the hero, cause or reason the team has chosen.  There are all expense paid weeks and many other similar prizes, you should read the download of the rule book for complete details.  Winning teams will be able to donate all expense paid adventures to support the hero, cause or reason of their team.

All of the teams share in the broadcast revenue of this series, so in a way, the teams are also small business investors with money they may have normally spent on a vacation combined with their sweat equity.

Winners would be able to donate great prizes such as all expense paid adventures to support a golf tournament, silent auction or other event.  They could really change the way a small nonprofit gets support for their activities.  Your team might be 10 people interested in supporting horse rescue.  If you win, you could donate some great prizes to your cause in addition to raising money for them.

What kind of profit is there?

If your team produces an exciting episode you may attract some great sponsors and more for the next year!  You could make commercials for them, do product placement in your episode and create other advertising and product sales revenue.  Each team can link back to their own business from this site, to get web traffic, sales and more.  The amount of profit is up to you, but the competition is set up so that your hero, cause or reason for competing, will do much better than you will.

The three year goal is to have all your expenses paid for and to receive at least a small paycheck for your adventures.  Being paid to conquer the very difficult challenge of going on a tropical adventure to support a cause you believe in, will attract people to enter this competition. This is why your score against par is listed, so people will know exactly how successful you have been.

With a successful series, broadcast revenue could quite significant.  After each year, teams share in the broadcast revenue for that whole year.

What is par?

Par has two parts.  The Cost per team member per day and Hero funds.

Par for each week.

Year 1  $90/day per person – Team raises $3,000 for the hero

Year 2 $0/day per person – Team raises $5,000 for the hero

Year 3 (-$90)/day per person – Team raises $10,000 for the hero  (the minus sign means you earned this amount for yourself after all your expenses are paid)

You score against par but this is for the overall competition.  There are many other competitions and each team can create and host competitions as a method to earn a profit for their team.

Another explanation of par.  If you are in the first 100 people and have paid $150/day  to compete, you have made enough money to lower your expenses to $90/per person per day.  By the second year you break even and the third year you earn $90/day.

Why don’t you take donations?

There are two reasons.  Our main reason is that we want people to start businesses to employ special populations and improve their overall quality of life.  Donations are a one-time fix and don’t keep you focused on finding solutions which can be more valuable than a one-time donation.  If you want to donate $1 or more to your favorite team, you will be a sponsor instead of being a donor.  You may get your name, comment or recognition on the list of their sponsors.  If you want to spend money the team might send you a thank-you note, T-shirt or whatever reward they develop.  It is up to them.

The other reason is the tax advantage for our 30 teams. Each of our 30 teams is operating a business.  They are not on vacation donating money.  They have three years to turn a profit and get paid to have adventures or their business is disqualified from this competition.  In the meantime, by working at their own tropical adventure business for one or two weeks a year they may be able to deduct all of their business expenses from their usual job.  Even though this looks like they are having a lot of fun on vacation, they are engaged in business activities.   If in three years, they do turn a profit, then they are being paid for a fun part time job supporting a cause they believe in.  Being paid to go on tropical adventures is a great reward for supporting special populations and it will in turn keep their hero employed.  You also have the satisfaction in knowing that it is you that created the reward while supporting a cause you believe in.  Improving the life of your hero better than anyone else is the real competition.

What kind of business expenses could I deduct from my taxes?

You and your team decide that.  Your normal business overhead, utilities and costs such as buying scuba, sailing or adventure gear, paying for air fare, accommodations, food, training, fuel, travel, depreciation on buildings, vehicles and all the other long list of tax deductible expenses are typical deductions you could use for the taxes you already pay.

You may decide to open a landscaping business for your hero or maybe a bakery, bicycle repair shop or dog walking business.  You would of have all of the expenses you decide on.

Just like Westinghouse, and many other top corporations, you should try to get all of your taxes back from the taxes you pay.

How many people are you looking for?

200 to 300 to star in one of the 30 episodes each year.  We can have an unlimited amount of people from the web that are involved and they could perhaps launch a competing series.

How many heroes and teams do you already have?

We have heroes and people assembling teams right now, but until we reach 40 teams, we will not announce the final 30.  Ten teams will be on stand-by.  You obtain a “time stamp” when you enter this site, and that is one factor that helps determine eligibility.

Where will this docu-series be broadcast?

We know it will at least be a web series.  Will it go to network?  Would we want it to go to network?  There are pros and cons to broadcast choices, but if we start as a web series for our first year, we can build our audience, sponsors, teams and adventures, we will be in a much better position to negotiate a network or broadcast deal or just continue to broadcast from our own servers.

What rating will this docu-series be?

G Rated. In addition to the high standards of a G rating,  we ask that you shoot in a format that is completely family friendly. 

Lets pretend a team produces a funny episode that is a hilarious pirate comedy but it is not G rated due to language and rum drinking.   The team would still be able to produce revenue with this video, but it would have to be from their own web site and not part of this competition.  To stay in the competition they have to produce an episode that is G rated.

All material entered into this competition is the property of Dolphin Rodeo Inc.  The first step before releasing footage to the public or to the teams for editing is to ensure that all legal requirements are met for photography releases, location releases and no legal issues exist with the footage.  The G rated and legally cleared material shot is released to the team so they can edit and produce the episode for the competition or release the episode they shot.

Where do I start?

Login to this web site.  You will find more information inside.

What can I look forward to?

Pride in knowing you are a part of improving this world.  This is a three year competition, you should see significant results for your superhero, cause or reason to compete.  Also, in three years or less, our goal is to have enough people that are trained and experienced enough to operate a second or third boat or operate an another adventure location, such as a ski, hiking, sports or recreation for their own competition.  They would then send their winners to compete against our winners.  Each adventure location added to the competition, will mean many more superheroes are helped.

What strategy do I use to compete?

Produce the best results for the superhero, cause or reason that you are competing for.   You could produce an interesting or inspiring episode, have spectacular viewer support, find great sponsors or focus on a strategy to win one of the competitions listed in our book. download

You are judged on the results of your efforts to support your own superhero.

There are a lot of ways to compete and each team can challenge any or all teams so adapt a strategy for the competition you are in.

Individual competitors have the best chance at winning competitions if they start as a beginner and then end up as qualified and experienced.  The goal is to be competent enough to crew their own boat in year three.  Fully qualified people are easily placed on teams but have a harder time winning individual competitions as it may be harder for them to advance.

Why is your book called “The Ability Revolution” and not “The Tropical Adventure Competition?”

The Ability Revolution talks about all aspects of our business including other ways to train and support special populations.

The Tropical Adventure Competition is a marketing device used by The Ability Revolution. This business is focused on supporting disabled adults working and living at our aquatic center.  The business name is Dolphin Rodeo Inc.

The Tropical Adventure Competition will bring people to the aquatic center that is operated by disabled adults.  The Tropical Adventure Competition creates a business to employ adults with special needs.


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